The Valley Foundation School of Nursing, at San Jose State University

$8 million in total grants

San Jose State University's School of Nursing underwent a focal realignment to collaborate with the network of fine community colleges of our County. Aligning as the secondary, and final, step for nursing certification, the Valley Foundation School of Nursing will be the final step in nursing, completing nursing students' studies attained at the our local community colleges. The Valley Foundation is proud to have contributed over $8 million over the years in its support partnership with this fine institution.

Camp Campbell, of the YMCA of Silicon Valley

$5 million in total grants

The YMCA of Silicon Valley is a fine example of collaboration and support between non-profit service agencies. Camp Campbell has served tens of thousands of children and dozens, if not hundreds, of non-profit organizations over its 75 years of service. Major upgrades and rehabilitation efforts were initiated and completed with lead gifts from the Valley Foundation. The YMCA holds great renown for its service, and the Valley Foundation's gifts of over $5 million will empower the YMCA Silicon Valley to continue its service to the children of Santa Clara County for another 75 years and beyond.

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